ÄÄNIAVARA Oy, an expert and therapeutic services provider based in Liperi, works in cooperation with entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. Empowering tourism, a concept invented by Ääniavara, refers to guided, therapeutic tours that serve as a source of strength in everyday life and work, and based on discovering new perspectives in life through creative, therapeutic processes (music, visual arts, empowering photography). The long-term benefits are refined into elements that help individuals to cope with everyday life.
Alongside its food and musical traditions, Finland’s natural environment is a huge source of strength for Ääniavara. The Bomba House in Nurmes is a genuine North Karelian destination full of local heritage sites. Discover the midsummer sun, the glorious colours of autumn, the pristine white snowy winter landscapes and the awakening of nature in spring, a time for exploring the splendid colours and sounds of nature and to find peace of mind in a clean wilderness environment. You can gather precious memories through all five senses, enjoy Finnish cultural traditions hands-on, and experience the ancient mystique of Finnish folklore. For more information, contact: www.aaniavara.fi, aaniavara@gmail.com / tel. +358 45 885 2091/ +358 45 204 1107