The demand for silence travel grows in tandem with the hectic pace of the everyday and the noisy environments at work and at home. Silence travel could be described as a form of travel that provides the traveller with an opportunity to quiet down, to relax and to let go of the quotidian hurry and noise. The best locations for silence travel are situated in the middle of nature where natural sounds are prevalent and the disturbances caused by human activity in minimum. In addition to sounds, landscape and visual attractions are important for creating a positive experience of silence.

In the services of silence travel, focus should be given to the overall aesthetics, which includes high-quality customer service, healthy and tasty local food, sustainable use of the environment, well-guided and well-maintained routes, and professional staff to assist. Silence travel is best suited for for relatively small service providers and relatively small groups of travellers, so that the tourism activities themselves do not cause too much in the environment.

More information on the project Silence and listening as resources of tourism expertise in North Karelia