During our visit to the Erä-Eero deep in the wilderness of Lieksa, the spring was still so early that the silence of the forest was real. There was only sound of the wind and branches rustling. A single bird takes off somewhere in the distance.

Eero had built us a beautiful secluded shelter which was like from fairy tale book. There I was going to spend my first night outdoors. In the front of shelter there was a camp fire made from three long tree trunks. It was soothing to listen to sounds of fire, even in mean while it puffed smoke. During the evening, Eero told stories about the forest while nature completely slowed down and darkness fell around us.

Sleeping outdoors is not exactly the easiest things, but during the coldest times of the night, I heard the host stood up and stoked the fire. It felt good when the heat spread under the shelter. Waking up in the morning was nice to listen to bird sounds, they sounded like bubbling boil water in a teapot. And there is nothing tastier than campfire coffee and pancakes with strawberry jam for breakfast.

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