‘A Walk in Progress’ tells a story of my walking during the art residency at Kolin Ryynänen December 2011-January 2012.

It was in Koli that walking became such an essential part of my art practice. Each of my many walks was unique though a route would often be repeated. I would see the landscape afresh depending on the weather, starting point, time of day and changes in the seasons. I have no preferred vantage point in Koli, no fixed or favourite view.

When walking I rarely walked at the same pace with my eyes fixed ahead: Walking allows the eyes and the imagination to wander. I imagined an artwork that could accommodate this sense of movement, the zooming in and panning out, the notion of time passing as much as the time spent walking. The drawings became a succession of vignettes marking the shifts and changes in the landscape seamlessly linking together to make a continuous whole, as if a film spliced and edited. By filming the drawings I intend to further  the sense of movement and meandering.

The journey continues: I have begun a series of ‘Walks in Progress’ and am currently working on a 5th.