It is said that in the blooming nature of Koli there is a place where men and elves still live together as the guardians of the forest: its name is Elontila. Once entered in this little realm, the time loses its importance and all your senses can feel the magic of the place.

The wind rules in daylight and, blowing through the water, it changes its smooth surface.

It swishes through the leaves making trees creaking and snapping under its irreducible power.

Now the ice has melted and the water is free to run along the hills creating different sounds: it sometimes drips slowly and constantly, it sometimes seethes and bubbles in its bed with renewed strength.

In the meanwhile, some little inhabitants of the forest work continuously to build up their nests and provide food: millions of crunching ants can be heard only by people who really are willing to listen to them.

As the sun goes down, the blowing wind becomes softer and milder and it leaves the stage to make space to the final concert.

In Koli the tweeting of birds fills the spring with gentle melodies and when the night comes to Elontila, just close your eyes and let this song come in your dreams.